Friday, October 1, 2010

In a Funk ~

Sort of...I like keeping it real and well, I won't lie. We are all struggling right now.

Not with Rachel. Not at all. How could anyone not love our sweet girl. She has just fit. She is the easiest of all. I have had no problems attaching with her. Which if you've been around my blog you know the issue's I had with Grace's attachement. It wasn't all. Rachel, she seems like she has been a part of our family forever. She has accepted us and we her. The kids adore her and she is such a strong personality. She can hold her own in our big group.

And it's not Kerry and I, we are good. Now, I would love it if he were home more, but hey, you gotta earn a living, right?!?

My problem is the lack of adoptive families in my general area. There are a few. Actually about four in my city, but they have no desire to get together or form play groups or offer support. I have two families that I know I can call, but they live quite a distance away and it isn't easy getting six kids out the door by myself to meet with them.

Now, I am a huge advocate of adoption support. You just need it. Period.

You need other parents to talk things through with. Now I have bio kids to, but it just isn't the same, there are different issues here. I'd like to say there aren't, but come on we all know there are just different issues sometimes. I would like to know I am doing the right things, or if something comes up I can talk to someone about it.

And while I am keeping it real, I will also say I really need that connection. I had an amazing group in AL and in MI. Here, not so much. So, I struggle.

I know these things take time, but it has been two years and yet here I am still struggling.

I need to figure this out. And soon. Hope has started asking about learning chinese and I really want her to, without having to drive two hours each way to do it.


Tim said...

For learning Chinese, have you considered an on-line course or something of that ilk?

I have some further thoughts on that if that might be of interest?

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

So happy sweet Rachel is fitting in so well!

Maybe...just maybe...things will soon change with the AP connection. ;)

Enjoy your weekend!
Luv ya!

One Big Fat Sugar Mama said...

I am relatively new to your blog. I totally understand what you are saying. We moved four years ago and have had almost zero adoptive support.People in our church love us, but not a one has adopted. I finally found friends in the form of a MOPS group last year, which has helped but still isn't support in the realm of adoption. We adopted through the foster care system and with CPS and all the drama of uncertainty of getting to keep them or not, support would have been great! I have found that through adoption blogs...
Just wanted you to know that you aren't alone.
In him,