Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Could she be your daughter?

Born 5/2002 post op meningcole

Born 1/11/99 she is missing her left hand.

Born August 2002 with corrected cleft lip and palate.

or maybe her...

Isn't she just the sweetest thing ever?!?!

Her special need is meningocle and her DOB is 4/4/09

These are just a few of the kiddos waiting for their forever families. Currently there are over 2100 kids waiting...


Faith, Hope, and Love said...

Each and every one of them is beautiful!!!!

Praying they find their families soon!

Holly said...

I want them all!!
(sigh) (sigh) sigh) (BIG sigh)
this is how I know we are not "done"
Thanks for being a voice to the voiceless.

Anonymous said...

How do you convince a stubborn husband that there could be another child out there for your family? We have 4 bio boys 21,19,16,14 and a 5 yr.old China princess. My 16 yr.old has Down Syndrome and so I am not afraid of a special needs child. It is just my husband says enough is enough.
I could so see any of those babies in our family. Plus our daughter wants a sister!

Taylor said...

thought I would let you know the little girl who is 8 with cl/cp has a family pending on GWCA's waiting child list