Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weekend of Fun

We had a great weekend!! Hope's one year gotcha day was Friday. Grandpa and Grandma stopped in to celebrate!! We started off with dinner at our favorite Chinese place, Jasmines. Next stop, ice cream. What would a celebration be like without that??!!??

Sunday we ended up at a really neat Civil War enactment. It wasn't very busy so was very nice to learn and see all of this. We got some great pictures. Next stop, lunch and then we followed the Grandparents out of town to a farmers market. Yummy!!

Now this sounds like a lot but our day is not quite finished...Hannah, Hope Grace and I ended up going to the library. They had a festival going on and we decided to stay for that to. All in all a great weekend. Now, I am ready to drop!! Hope you all had an enjoyable weekend too.