Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Hubby is Famous!!

Well, sort of. He was on ABC News last night. That's a pretty big deal!!

Anyway for your viewing pleasure. Follow this link...

I also need your feedback. I redid my blog for the millionth time and I am not sure I like it....I mean it's ok, but I definitely don't love it... Any suggestions or past designs y'all liked better?



Keisha said...

Awesome! Glad your back to your chipper self! Haven't heard from you in awhile! Are you okay?
I think you're doing a GREAT job at your bloggy designs!! Need any help let me know.. that "clause" is not listed on your blog now. ;)
Also, I started some little "tips" to help those that want to re-design their own blogs! Go check out my blog post from yesterday!

Tami said...

Really neat!!!

Your hubby is in the right sector!!John and I talk about the fact that we feel our country's only hope of coming out of this economic situation is through technology and specifically alternative energy. My husband invested years ago in Ballard Fuel cells (during it's boom), and learned just about everything there was to know about Fuel cell technology (Definite passion of his;-). He would LOVE to talk with Kerry.


Steve and Jan said...

I actually like your new header. I love all the photos...especially Gracie smiling :-)


JeanneC said...

Of course, we all think your husband has been famous for quite a while now. WOW!that's cool!! Makes me want to buy a hydrogen fuel cell from GM. Who is the guy that gets to drive it?