Sunday, June 24, 2012

Weekend Fun ~

Not much going on this weekend in our neck of the woods~
Just some random picture taking, a grad party and some purse making...

                                My beautiful Hope. Always smiling. And getting so big~

Best buddies, Grace and Joshua~ 

A little baseball.....

And the parents~

And the bags, which can now be found on Etsy.

Here: if you would like to look....

Ni Hao Yall


Tami said...

Des~ OMGsh! What a great family shot for your header....your kiddos are getting SO big (funny how that happens)and of course, always beautiful. Love your bags!! Maybe do a few "purse" size as well?? With a closure clasp of sort? I bought a fabric purse on vacation this past April that I just adored, but it wasn't made that well and ripped....It had a zipper closure for themain compartment and I think the constant zipping and unzipping put too much stress on the fabric, so I would suggest to stay away from that...maybe a magnetic closure of sorts would be better?? I think I'll be buying...1 or 2 of theses...Your items are always such high quality!!! Just have to decide which one(s):-)...would love to see more!!

Mom Of Many said...

I think your new blog design is absolutely beautiful and your family is totally adorable

So really, how could the design be anything but beautiful when you have the artwork of God decorating it, right?

And besides, - red is one of my most favorite colors. {I've decided that anyone over 50 can definitely have as many favorite colors as they want and I currently have five. =) }


Rebecca said...

Super cute kids and bags! It's been a while since I've visited your blog... I'm catching up! :)