Friday, February 3, 2012

Still Here~

with no LOA news on the horizon...however Chinese New Year is coming to a close and good news may yet come on Monday!!

And the reason for my not updating the blog...other than having six kids with one more on the way, you mean?!?!

All the kids have been sick. Not just the take some tylenol sick but rushing to the doctors sick with high fevers and yuck sick.

But it's slowly leaving our house and all is well.

Nothing a little rest won't heal. (in addtion to a round of antibitics times 4)

And of course some serious coloring and strawberry eating....

And that brings me to our boy Joshua.....He is growing up before our very eyes. Far away from his home with his mama, daddy and brothers and sisters...

And in the last picture he has a bruise under his eye. Makes me wonder how he got it? If anyone was there to kiss it and make it all better, or why in the world a 5 year old would have a black eye in the first place...

Just some of the things that go through my mind as we wait....

Oh, and one more thing, we also have our Journey to Joshua Auction going on  until February 14th. Be sure to check it out, tons of great things to bid on. Like dresses from Robin of Red Thread Stitches., Scentsy items even a Going Home Barbie!!!

And all the money raised goes towards our agency fees.


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