Sunday, April 4, 2010

Our Easter ~

What an amazing day!! Made all the better because we spent it with family.

Our church had an awesome service and our son Jacob, made the decision to accept Jesus into his heart.
He went up to the front of the church with his Grandpa and prayed to have Jesus come into his heart.

What a proud mama I am today. I hope your day was just as amazing!!
Yes, this was the only decent picture we could get....Ahh the joys of trying to coordinate a large family..... LOL


Stefanie said...

Oh my!! How wonderful!! This an Easter you'll never forget :)
Happy Easter!!

Steve and Jan said...

What a special day you had! Jacob will always remember his Grandpa going down front with him to accept Jesus on Easter Sunday. How sweet!

My kids LOVED their bunnies (and I do too)! Thanks so much!

Continuing to pray for you!


Prairie Lady said...

What a wonderful Easter you will never forget. PTW when our youth begin to serve our Lord.

Your family picture cracked me up.

Holly said...

Very cute.
I am waiting on my friend to give me her address and then will order the dress for her daughter through your paypal link!!
I really like Wasatch! :) I talked to Kathy about a little girl before my hubby deployed. God said no, but still...I really like that agency :)
God is going to make a way for you!

Sophie said...

You have a beautiful family, I love the boys in this picture, too funny!

whales50 said...

Desiree, I have a friend that is wanting to buy 4 rabbits for next year. Are you going to make some more to sell? My friend would buy them now if you are. Thanks. Marilyn, Carey's Mom

Sherri said...

Love the picture!! Our almost 10 year old is starting to hate having his taken. I'm sure to get something like that next time around.

Happy Easter!!

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

Its sounds like a very special Easter for your beautiful family! It is very difficult to get everyone to smile for the camera at the same time...but your family picture is still a great one!

Tami said...

Lovin the 'real' picture!!!! Priceless.

Sounds like it WAS a very special Easter indeed.

God is good:-).