Saturday, October 3, 2009

Autumn Moon....

Forgive the lack of order on the pictures, it's been a long day.

The Little's and I were home alone today because the big kids went camping with Daddy. We slept in then decided to clean house.

Next on the list was making moon cake dough. This was accomplished easily enough. The only issue, well ours is a wheat free house and we had to change the recipe up a bit to use our coconut blend flour.
The girls had a blast. The dough was ok, kind of sticky. Oh yeah, we also couldn't find lotus paste so simmered some apples, threw in some cinnamon and raisins, then processed it to a paste. Good enough and the house smelled fabulous.

Then we kind of had an emergency, one of the Little's reminded me that you can't celebrate Autumn Moon without lanterns. So, we stuck everything in the fridge and ran out to get some. Also decided to have noodles while out. Always a good idea especially if I don't have to cook.

Ok, back home and making moon cakes. I rolled the dough and stuffed it, Gracie pushed them into the molds and Hope brushed the egg glaze on. After about 24 of these my arms were aching and we were a sticky mess. Luckily I get a phone call, it's DH and one of the big kids had a fit and wanted to come home. OK, out the door again, pick him up at the meeting point and back home. The moon cakes aren't to bad, taste more like breakfast scones but still good. Boy do I miss the real ones...
The night isn't over though, Hope reminded me that we didn't go out and wish on the moon. She was the first and when I said to make a wish , she did not disappoint. She looked up at the full bright moon and said, " beautiful moon, I wish for a pretty pink unicorn"

Then turned to me sweetly and said "if I don't get this wish I know Santa will bring me one"

Aah, the joys of being a child.....

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