Thursday, April 17, 2008

This and That....added pics!

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, just do not have anything going on. I am still waiting to hear our official DTC date. Should be tomorrow, we'll see. I hope to announce it and then get on with the give away already.

I spent most of the week sewing Hannah a costume for school. She has a medieval festival Friday. The dress didn't turn out as well as I planned but looks OK. It's made of cornflower blue silk with a gold and blue trim ribbon. I even put eyelets down the back so I could have a corset style lace in gold. I would liked to have added some embroidery and maybe beads but I had one week to complete this. Ah, don't you love teens and their sense of time. But all is well and I finished the dress and had time to make the Gyngerbrede for her other project. I will post pictures of her in the dress with her hair braided tomorrow.
Now I have time to work on a new outfit for summer for the sewing blog. I'm using some scrap fabrics so if it doesn't turn out it won't be a big deal. The top is gathered with tie straps and can be worn with a t shirt underneath in cooler weather. I am also making a matching short. I really hope it works, I love the pattern. There are so many options for personalizing it. I will just work on it until it comes out the way I want it to. The problem is finding time to sew with the weather now being nice. I think I found the solution, though I would recommend not doing it in your pajamas. LOL~ OK, you all probably want the story on that. Well, Hope and I were having a Jammie day today but it was so nice out I couldn't bear not going outside, but remember I had a lovely (insert sarcasm here) dress to finish for Hannah, so I found the outside outlet by the patio and hooked up my sewing stuff. We have a somewhat private backyard that backs to the subs commons, usually everyone is working and going out in Jammie's would not be a problem. Well, we were on the patio, I am sewing away, Hope is playing in her playhouse and all of a sudden about four landscapers come out of nowhere and descend on our quiet private yard. I'm thinking one of two things, I either grab Hope and leave my stuff and run for the house while she screams or I act like it's OK to find a lady in her Jammie's sewing on the patio while her daughter is playing in her playhouse also in her Jammie's. Well, you guessed it, we stayed outside. I figured this is my yard and I'm staying. ( I also had on a hat and sunglasses so if I saw them again, maybe they wouldn't recognize me??)


Kim said...

Your to funny. The lawn crew may not know you, but they know where you live - LOL. Now that the weather has become nice we'll have to meet up at the park someday.

Desiree said...

Sounds great Kim!! Hope is always asking for friends to play.

LucisMomma said...

Hannah, you look great! I hope you had a fun time.