Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Maggie and the new kid on the block....

Maggie is our dog, obviously. We've had her eight years now...she's been through alot. We brought her home shortly after our son Jake was born. She has moved all over the US with us and endured three new additions to our family. But, I think she has finally found her best friend in Rachel.

Just for good measure she decided to throw some on Maggie. I had to draw the line when she started eating it off her back.

Now, how could I get upset at that sweet face. And the dog did eat most of her noodles. I just had to clean up the peanuts. (pad tai)
And then sweep and mop the floor...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

~ Swimming ~

Our sub has a pool down the street and when all else fails we head over there to kill some time. Rachel wasn't to happy but the other kids loved it.
I don't stay to long, I have the phobia about public pools and kids with diapers. Yes, weird I know but true.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Snapshot {Taking Time Out}

from the littles. I don't do this often but feel that it is important to take time out and do things solo with the big kids every now and then.

Today was Hannah's turn. She (and I) had been wanting to see the new Twighlight movie since it came out but then DH changed jobs and then he went to China and then to San Fran for business and well you get the idea. So when he said hey, how about today, I jumped all over it. After all, being a single mom to six the past two weeks wasn't easy.

The movie wasn't as good as the book. Yes, I read all of them, I had to to make sure they were ok for Hannah. (that's my story and I'm sticking to it) LOL
But the important thing is we did it together, just the two of us. We had fun, until the power went out. But that was ok to. We got two free tickets for our trouble, saw the end of the movie after a couple minutes and ended at the book store.

Ni Hao Y'all

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Something a littler lighter...

Than my previous post. Sorry if I was venting but someone said something to me that was just plain ignorant for lack of a better word. And that someone wasn't friend but family...ugh

I know, forgive and forget but my mama bear instincts came out and well....just had to vent a little.

Anyway, today is the last day until my wonderful loving and very much missed hubby will be out of town. He has been in CA for the last two weeks. Yes, he literally came home from China and left two days later for business. He comes home tomorrow!! We all can not wait and have some fun family time planned.

Not to change the subject or anything but have any of y'all ever used Cr*igs list? I hadn't until today. We were in dire need of a new crib (all we have is a portable) so I went online and found a beautiful one that converts to a daybed and full size headboard. Now I know this was not a cheap bed, but I paid only $75 for it and it is perfect!! Was super easy to set up and Rachel loves it!! Now once I sell my portable crib and the toddler bed on Cr*igs list this will have only cost me $30!! I am one happy mama.

So nice, isn't it?? And it will last years for Rachel. Even matched the dressers we already have.

Another quick change of subject. Never said I was gonna make sense on this post, just rambling on...

One of the girls' favorite things to do is play in our bathroom, not sure why but they love it. I have had to baby proof everything in there. Good thing cuz my girls are into everything.

Must have forgotten the shampoo bottle, but she couldn't get it open.

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They even like getting into the tub and just sitting in there, no water just toys.

Yes, she loves toothpaste. She knows how to brush her teeth and asks to do this all the time.

Even my big girl got in on the action. This was her self taken photo.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Road Less Traveled...

Not sure where to begin this one. Rachel is the sweetest little thing imaginable. She is everything we dreamed of and so much more. We waited for 18 months to get her home. We endured the longest ever paper chase and had faith that the money for fees would be there when needed.

We knew her special need was a little open ended, meaning we knew about the limb difference and through pictures and updates knew she had an issue with her eyes. She has a few other medical issues and maybe a syndrome, possibly dwarfism. We have appointments with an ortho doc, an optomologist and a genetics counselor. I am ok with all this.

My main concern is with her walking, I don't want her spine to become crooked as she walks more or her hip to have troubles. The eye thing isn't a big deal either, we'll deal with that to. As for the genetics, I am not really sure.

Do I want to know? I mean really, is it going to make a difference to me? Will it matter if she has a syndrome or is a little person? To me, no, it won't make a bit of difference. She will still be the same little girl who wakes up with a smile. She will still be the same girl we waited for, prayed for and loved.

She may have some challenges, but really who in their lifetime hasn't?

And to those that have told me, what were you thinking? Can't you call the agency or send her back? Shame on you!! She is our daughter and always will be. It doesn't matter what special needs she has or doesn't have, she is and always will be our daughter.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Changing Faces of Rachel ~

Rachel is a very smiley girl. Usually always happy and very opinionated! Oh, boy two in our family...

She wakes at 5:30 every morning and for me that is not a good thing. My other girls go to bed late and wake up late. So that equals no sleep for me. This won't last forever and frankly I am enjoying these baby days...

Forgot to mention, umm, no honey that is not us eating in the family room....look away, look away now.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

~ Worth your TIME~ Sunday Snapshot

When we began our paper chase what seems like years ago, I started sewing. Without that and the generosity of a few people Rachel wouldn't have made it home to us.

I realize that giving back is huge!! I mean I have always supported others in their fundraising efforts but seriously one order can really make a difference!!

If you have the time and some extra money...(mind you most of these families are not charging a lot and it all goes towards their adoption) please check out their fundraising sites.

I have ordered a few things and they are so very nice. I just don't seem to have the time to sew anymore. And again, all the proceeds go towards bringing these children home to their families.

In no particular order here are a few of my favorites.

Kelley at Lollipop Embroidery has some adorable shirts and even skirts available!! This is Hope's pictured above. Isn't it the cutest!!

Holly over at Beading our way to China is having an auction to help bring their daughter home. She leaves in 2 mths.

Starfish Cleft Home

My girls have several of Daleea's bracelets and love them!! She and robin and Kelley will even coordniate fabrics for you!!

Red Thread Stitches

I ordered the girls outfits from Robin at Red Thread Stitches and can not wait to get them!! Since i have no time for sewing anymore and what better way to spend a little money than by helping to bring their sweet Liliana home!!

There is also Sharon at Sew Shay. She is making a ton of things to help bring their daughter home. I have a camera strap made by her and also won an outfit in her auction. Hope loves it!!

And last is Lori over at Joy Unspeakable is getting ready to unveil a new fundraiser to help with their new adoption!!

These are just a few, there are literally hundreds of families trying to raise funds to bring their children home. Please consider helping them out.

Ni Hao Y'all

Friday, July 16, 2010

~ Dinner at our House ~

Didn't used to be this messy, but Rachel is such a good eater I find myself laughing instead of disciplining. And if it gets me smiles, even better. We'll work on the table manners later....

We have another doctors appointment next week, more tests and blood work. So far the only thing we know is she does have lazy eyes but it is something independent, meaning she can focus with both eyes just not at the same time. There isn't really anything that can be done now and maybe she will outgrow it as she gets older and has more muscle control....we'll just wait and see.
As far as her limb difference is concerned we just aren't sure yet. Her arms may also be involved. We will have her tested for dwarfism and also downs per her doctor. I am positive she doesn't have downs and am a little affended that a doctor would mention this at a sick appointment but I am not a doctor so what do I know?
What I do know is Rachel has the most precious personality and is so happy. She fits in perfectly as our little caboose. Her big sisters love her to pieces as do her brothers. Not to say there isn't sibling rivalry at times because there is but in a big family that is a given.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Breakthrough ?

Well, sort of.
At least until Hubby walked back into the house after work. Rachel woke up and actually smiled at me this morning. She didn't cringe or push herself into the pillows to get away from me.
I thought since we were on a roll I would take the kids and do something fun today, you know get out and enjoy the sunshine a little.
We started at the animal park here in town. Thought it would be fun, see some animals, ride a pony and enjoy.

Well, no, it didn't work. It was about 95 today and with smelly animals and dust and 6 sweaty kids no way. Plus, it was pretty gross. Not very clean, the animals were pathetic.
Not some place we will visit again. Matter of fact we walked out after 30 minutes and skipped the ponies all together. No one minded, we got our money back and headed to the local bowling place. (yes, I was feeling brave)

Here we had lite snacks (cheaper than meals) and the kids played mini bowling and arcade the nice cool air conditioned building. Which is a good thing seeing as how every time I take Rachel outside she breaks out in a fierce heat rash.

And you know, I had some great pictures. Took millions. But when I got home to load them all.... Realized I had left the SD card in the computer. Ughhh!!
So y'all can enjoy pics from yesterday.